Portable Video Comes Alive!

I’m going to reblog Kenyatta Cheese here: “the undocumented portable video economy.

psp video activists

I ran into two high school kids watching 50 Cent and old Jay-Z music videos on a PSP last night. I told them I could never find any good video for my PSP and asked them where they got theirs. “On a bulletin board,” they said. They get a lot of video that way. Music videos, TV shows, viral video… not a lot of movies, though. Why’s that? Because DVDs are better on a big screen.

How do the music videos end up on PSPs? Other people take them off of television, transcode them to PSP-compatible (MP4) format, zip them up and post them to file hosting sites, then link to it on the bulletin boards they hang out on. Anyone who doesn’t know how to get the video onto their PSP can search the board or read the FAQ. Nice.

Kenyatta links to the bulletin boards they’re talking about, so you might find your own access to the vide communities these guys are involved in.

All the more evidence for the emergence of portable video!

We’ve got two good pieces of news for USC in this regard:

Kenyatta Cheese is coming back for another Portable Video Workshop, Monday November 21st, 6-9pm, in the ZML. He’s going to screen a bunch of fresh-off-the-pixels short video, and then lead a session barnstorming Portable Video production and distribution. I’m hoping we’ll have hacked out direct-to-PSP-over-web downloading, and coverage of Video PodCasting.

Spring 2006 there’s a 2 credit CTIN 499 Portable Video Production and Internet Distribution, taught by Todd Richmond from the Annenberg Center with Kenyatta Cheese and me. We’ll cover a lot of ground: Portable Video, Peer to Peer Distribution, VideoBlogging, Intellectual Property and Creative Commons, Citizen Journalism, Podcasting, Video iPod, PSP, Mobile Phone Video Capture and Playback. Weekly short video making! It should be a blast.

The preview syllabus is online. CTIN 499 is listed in the course registration system now; sign up before we fill up!

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