How to seamlessly "Flickrize" "Google Earth"

“A novel approach to seamlessly integrate arbitrary images into pre-existing 3D models”

Michael Naimark

Interactive Media Division, USC School of Cinema

Informal Presentation Friday, July 14, 11am-1pm

Institute for Creative Technologies, USC, in Marina del Rey


Real-world geographical modeling is undergoing a rapid transformation from graphic to photographic and from 2D to 3D. Up until recently, building photographic 3D geographical models has been closed and centralized. Google’s recent launch of SketchUp begins to open up this building process, but it still remains tedious and reserved for the committed.

At the same time, building massive photographic databases has enjoyed success as easy, open, and collective endeavors through online services like Flickr. While several such photographic databases have been organized geographically (e.g., Mappr), none have managed to integrate arbitrarily produced images into 3D geographical models in a spatially seamless way.

A novel approach is proposed allowing a community of users to upload arbitrary images of particular locations and integrate them into corresponding 3D models in such a way to appear as perfectly aligned overlays. The images need not be “empty” (what fun is that?). Further, this approach is completely devoid of spatial distortions, occlusions, or artifacts.

How? Come find out Friday!

I’ll present an overview of current work (from last month’s 3DPVT conference), show related exemplars from the photographic and media arts communities (including relevant new work supervised by Perry Hoberman), and discuss this novel approach in detail.

Please RSVP to Tomas Pereira <>. Lunch will be served.

More background and context can be found here.

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