Classic books on 3D – available online

These books are available courtesy of the Virtual Library of the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications Conference

Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema by Lenny Lipton.

An indispensable and seminal text on the principles and practices of stereo imaging.

Three Dimensional Photography by Herbert C. McKay.

Stereoscopic photographic techniques and equipment.

The World of 3D Movies by Eddie Sammons.

A history & filmography of 3D cinema.

2 thoughts on “Classic books on 3D – available online

  1. I saw “UNCLE BILL AND THE DREDGE DWELLERS” (Lenny Lipton, 1978) in stereoscopic when it was shown some 30 years ago –

    many loved ones were in the film, no longer with us –

    would love to see this film again…

    searches online so far leading me back to my own comments on this film!

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