Girl in the Museum – a distributed narrative… will you win a prize?

This from Jordan’s design challenge last week to choose a favorite painting and “bring it to life.”

I’m reposting this explanation from the wiki so that the department’s other distribute narrative junkies can play.

I think the paintings of Edward Hopper are so significant to me because of the deep emotional connection you can form with them if you’re in a particular state of mind to connect with them.

Hopefully, most of us are not in that state most of the time, but if we ever are, man, that’s powerful.

So I wanted to design an experience that would help you get into that emotional state and have a deep experience with the work but also not plunge my audience permanently into a big state of loneliness. So… I built a little story into the painting that if you get involved in it, helps lead to that experience.

I thought the best way (and this is in no way sucking up – I actually agonized over doing this but decided this was still the best method) to ensure that people got really involved int he story would be to set it up as a distributed narrative tied to the painting. Also, there’s a prize if you get to the end.

I swear it’s not hard to solve. The requirements are mostly that you spend some time looking at the painting and thinking in new ways.

There is a hint about the order to solve it all in the frame as well. And the thing in the middle, that’s kind of significant…

thanks to Jenny Krochmal and Matt Jensen for the acting, Jared Yeager for the support, Doug Spice and Julian Bleecker for the VXML assist.

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