World Declaration for CTIN 532


It seems that science and technology has advanced to a point beyond what our current social and moral frame work can deal with. We see the disintegration of the family, genetically and chemically corrupted materials surround us, and our destination-obsession with “the American Dream��? leaves us perpetually unfulfilled.

The broad intention of this world is to envision existing technologies as the manifestation of a Sci-Fi dystopian future as described by Aldus Huxley, Marge Percy, Margaret Atwood, with particular emphasis on basic human needs and interactions – sex, love, family, motherhood. In other words, we’ve arrived at the future, now what? This interactive narrative will be a work of satire/social commentary meets Science Fiction/Fantasy in the vein of Johnathan Swift and the above mentioned authors.

The center of the “2010��? world is the place many today view as the bonifide center of the world – Manhattan. This isolated island seems to function under it’s own rules that have developed by the nature of the people who live there. The “2010��? Manhattan is a seat of wealth, power, and status. So many people have come to Manhattan to follow their dreams, that they’ve forced the cost of living to astronomical levels, forcing anyone earning below a six figure salary off the island. The result is a wealthy, but homogenous society, and increasing commercialization and privatization of public resources. The island is driven by money, greed, status.

Beyond the shores of the island of Manhattan lie a few other small islands, and the rest of the mainland USA. There is little regard for the inhabitants of these distant lands, referred pejoratively as Bridge and Tunnel people. The bridge and tunnel people still live by traditional rules, they have quaint manners, and subscribe to traditional familial and gender roles.

The island is oriented along three axis: North/South, East/West, and elevation. Where the North/South (Upper, Lower) and East/West were the primary axis delineating wealth and class in the 20th century, Elevation is the primary axis of status in 2010. The higher floor you live on, the better. You might over hear people saying things like “I don’t stop below floor 20 after dark.��?

2010 will be a solitary experience designed to give viewers a space to reflect on and consider the underlying moral questions the 21st century world.

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