Will and Wilson: Will Wright Interviews E. O. Wilson on NPR

NPR’s “Morning Edition” program featured game designer Will Wright interviewing one of his inspriations, Harvard University professor emeritus Biologist E. O. Wilson for the “Open Mic” segment.


The discussion is fun and lighthearted as Wilson discusses the growing trend of using games as an educational tool and the changing modes of education for the future. Of particular interest was Prof. Wilson’s suggestion that with today’s technologies, “[V]irtual reality can be a steppingstone to the real world. It can motivate a child to exploration.”

You can find the transcript of the interview and links to the full audio at NPR’s site here.

One thought on “Will and Wilson: Will Wright Interviews E. O. Wilson on NPR

  1. I really respect Will Wright. I agree with him about how much games can bring to education, and I think it’s going to be a huge part of how the game industry will expand and capture new audiences. The educational games will reach a new audience and sell, yes, but it will also heighten the perception of video games in the public eye. Other kinds of games would probably see an increase in viewership, as well, since the overall audience increases.

    This notion of an alliance with the sciences is great as well. Often I think about the cultural groups which are close to games and could provide potential, useful partnerships. The types of things I usually think of are musicians, filmmakers, artists, etc. Will Wright is thinking in the same way, but in a totally different direction that includes historians, oceanographers, city planners, etc. His views have really coincided with and helped inform my views in this area.

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