Phono Air Attacker 2D

This is what I came up with in a week for the 534 class.

The plane in the game is constantly pulling down by the gravity and your job is to pull it up by making sound to the microphone. The higher the sound intensity the higher the plane goes. However, you must be careful not to hit anything within the game. The six sided spinning polygons are your enemies, you must peak the sound input in order for the plane to produce a bullet which will kill them off. Orange polygon will move while blue are stationary.

If the plane is producing a bullet every time you make a sound, please lower the microphone sensitivity for proper game play.

If you found this game too difficult, press space bar to cheat. (I have finished it without cheating)

Enjoy 🙂


======= CLICK HERE FOR THE GAME =======

One thought on “Phono Air Attacker 2D

  1. I liked your game and was really enthralled by idea. But I must you need to make the gameplay a bit more engaging. Though it requires lot of attention and concentration at times, but the slow place with which the ‘spaceship’ moves is a bit of deterrent.

    Great concept though!


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