BodyTech Symposium

BodyTech Symposium on Embodied Media and Interactive Performance

February 22 and 23, 2010

University of California, Irvine

Participants in the BodyTech Symposium at UC Irvine will demonstrate, experience and discuss recent developments in the theory and practice of embodied media and performance technologies. Rather than restricting human-computer interaction to a screen on a desktop with keyboard and mouse, this research envisions real-world performative environments that foster real-time interactions between people and computing technology, incorporating digital media with movement, voice and other forms of dynamic expression.

The BodyTech Symposium will bring together technology researchers and performing artists from across the US, Canada and Britain to consider interactive environments for dance, theatre, music and visual arts. Presentations, discussions and demonstrations will facilitate developing communication channels between participants and sharing of information and ideas. Participants will include performing artists, theorists, researchers and technology developers.

Registration & Fees

Full Program $50

One Day Only $35

Full Program (Students) $25

One Day Only (Students) $15

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