About Eversion

It turns out when I’m not in a good mood and have to play a game not for fun while taking notes every 2 minutes, I become very negative and critical. Compare the notes I’ve made about Eversion and another puzzle-oriented platformer which I played during the summer, I was much more generous and recorded pretty much just all the brilliant aspects. I realized that┬árather than ripping into the puzzle design details or technical issues,┬áI should have been more moderate and impartial to describe, explore and analyze the game from different perspectives.

So hopefully I can finish the paper analysis about it asap, submit it on time, and then post it here, which may help whoever heard my terrible presentation about it to regain the will/rethink about the possibility of trying it, or at least know why there’s no need to give it a shot.

According to my recent pattern of behavior, I also decided to set up this post as a sign to remind and push myself.

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