Days of College: Cardinal and Gold Version

Here is a Japanese-style RPG that I made for Jeremy Gibson’s CTIN-483 class last semester with classmates Andrew Dang and Josh Joiner:

If you get lost, check the USC campus map here.


  • Arrow Keys to move
  • X to interact with people/things
  • I to check your objectives
  • Z to use your longboard


Good grades, a social life, enough sleep: Choose two.

Final Game Assignment submission for the class CTIN-483: Introduction to Game Development.

At any point feel free to return to your dorm and call it a night: It ends differently depending on what you accomplish.


  • Gamefreak Nintendo for most of the sprite artwork.
  • My lab partners/teammates, Andrew Dang (link) and Josh Joiner.
  • Music by Weezer, Pterodactyl Squad, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Guns n Roses, and Ke$ha.
  • Special thanks to my professor, Jeremy Gibson.

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