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IMD Forum for 1/19/11: Sam Stokes

Speaker:   Sam Stokes, Microsoft
Time:         Wednesday, January 19, 6-8pm
Location:  USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122
Title:          Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011

Abstract: Many student contests require that you create material unique for that contest.  This is NOT the case for the Imagine Cup!
The Imagine Cup is a contest designed for you to use material that you have already created, not unique material only for the Imagine Cup.
Sam Stokes, 10 year veteran of Microsoft, will reveal the secrets of the Imagine Cup.
Information will include how long it takes to modify an existing game project to meet the Imagine Cup goals.
Sam is going to expose the clandestine sponsor of the Imagine Cup Game and Digital Media Imagine Cup Category, it may shock you.
Come prepared to change the world while still meeting your personal goals by bringing your laptop so that no time is wasted.
At the end of this event you will know the:

  • Secret of the Imagine Cup contest
  • Who the clandestine sponsor is
  • Register for the Imagine Cup
  • Get a Microsoft advisor to help your team
  • Simple modifications might get to the winner circle!
  • How to fashion a storyboard for an internationally influential game!

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