Explore DevBlog #12: Winteract Approacheth

Accomplished (Lately)

  • *  Fixed movement bugs (again)
  • *  Implemented easy-change system for defenders to flip between defending and normal states
  • *  Implemented first pass on sound system for defenders
  • *  Checked off most of the “nitpick” fixes from my DevBlog #10 list for the Defender character
  • *  Had music meeting and got some first-pass tracks
  • *  Found out you can’t get access to the sound library if you’re not a student, even for student projects
  • *  Researched sound effects and audio in general
  • *  E-mailed an animator


Next Steps

  • *  Complete movement code for character 3 (post-show)
  • *  Write AI for character 3 NPCs (post-show)
  • *  Finish the character 2 “nitpick” fixes
  • *  Make it so that fleeing characters don’t have to go all the way to their checkpoint before leaving the territory
  • *  Get final tracks from my musicians
  • *  Get final sounds from my sound designer
  • *  Get an animator on board for semester 2
  • *  Get ribbonfish model from 3D modeler
  • *  Make list of additional models for modeler to work on
  • *  Implement AIs dying / respawning
  • *  Turn off red auras on Antagonists for character 2
  • *  Figure out the “camera moves on collision” bug for character 2 (probably have to talk to Asher or someone about that)
  • *  Talk to Mike about implementing a music system similar to “Dear Moon”


As you can see, work continues to proceed/pile up in equal measure. I started to need this list format again to keep everything straight in my mind, so expect further updates over the next week and a half. The winter show is a week from this Friday, so we’re counting down…

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