S3D WorldByFrame

WorldByFrame is slowly turning into a sort of landscape-book.  It starts with a few lines from “Ozymandias”, but then, as the user travels through the ruins, lines from “Kubla Khan” and Petrarch’s “Triumph of Time” sneak in.  The result ought to be depressing, but it’s often quite amusing.

After all the experimentation, I settled on a form of edge-detection.  It’s the safest, really, although I do want to see if I can get a proper auto-interocular/delta calculator working for a given position in this virtual space (the calculations and I seem to be at odds as to what a nice interocular distance tends to be…).  And I do want to mess around more with abstraction and blurring with stereo, but doing it is very difficult, at odds with what stereo tends to favor (high contrast, sharp lines and noise), and given the open-endedness of WorldByFrame, not to mention the fact that it’s meant to be viewed as a series of stills means this was a lot to take on at once.  Ironically, the stereo might have been easier, or at least more forgiving in a real time setting.


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