MxR Lab Members and Alum Get Play at E3

Palmer Luckey is a designer at Mark Bolas’ MxR lab and is about to launch a kickstarter project at OculusVR to create a custom version of the lab’s open-source head mounted display designs FOV2FGO to work with popular PC games John Carmack has embraced the design and the result was declared among the “5 favorite highlights from E3” CNN. Further coverage appeared on USA Today, Kotaku, Eurogamer, PC Gamer, and IGN. A prototype of the HMD design was spearheaded for Juli Griffo’s final project “Shayd

Forbes covered Ian Dallas’ Unfinished Swan at the recent E3 conference as the ‘Best in Show‘. The work he has done at Giant Sparrow will soon be released with MTV calling it one of “The Best Games You Aren’t Hearing About From E3“, while VentureBeat says it is “one of the darling indie games of E3”. Ian was an early member of Bolas’ MxR Lab team while on an Annenberg Fellowship with the IMD program, when he began formulating a core mechanic for the game as an Immersive Sketch.

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