CM&BHC is hiring!

CM&BHC is seeking applications for Fall 2012 for three different research projects below. Please read these descriptions carefully and apply using instructions provided at the bottom.

  • Baby Storyteller — a social media babybook and iPad game for new parents. This project will end October 1st, 2012 with delivery of a functional digital demo with a limited subset of features to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). We are not building a fully-functional version at this time. We need Unity programmers, game designers and 2D/3D artists/animators.
  • Virtual Sprouts — a gardening game for children in 3rd though 5th grade funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In Fall 2012, we will need help developing board game prototypes and testing them with kids in preparation for a digital version, set to be released in Sep 2013. We need game designers and usability/evaluation experts.
  • Skyfarer — a virtual-reality upper body exercise game for individuals with spinal cord injury funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). This project has been partially built in Unity and we are currently planning a brief study in the lab (biomechanical study) to make sure players are using the right muscle movements while playing. The game needs one more round of polish before going into a long intervention study starting mid to late Fall 2012. We need 3D artists/animators and usability/evaluation experts.



  • We hire both students and non-students. Pay depends on position and experience and ranges from $15-30/hour, or a flat fee for a fixed period if you are a contractor.
  • No Graduate Student Research Assistantships are available at this time for the above projects. An Undergraduate Research Associates Program position is available for the Virtual Sprouts project (read their website for restrictions) for a $1,500 stipend for Fall 2012.
  • Non-US citizens and Work Study students are limited to 20-hours per week. This does not exclude you from working, but you need to indicate it in your application.
  • Non-students are paid through USC’s temp agency, or as contractors depending on the type of work you will be doing for the project.
  • If you are a student, you may also be able to contribute to projects through enrolling in directed research (not a paid position). If you are a student in the Interactive Media Division, please contact prior to enrolling in directed research. If you are not an Interactive Media Division student, arrangements can be made with your advisor for you to work with our teams.
  • All projects require you to live in Los Angeles and be available for in-person meetings.



  • Compose an email with 2-3 paragraphs that include: your background, interests, talents, desired projects, availability/schedule and desired length of engagement (e.g., 3 weeks, 3 months). Applications without this cover email will not be reviewed.
  • Attach a CV or resume and a link to your portfolio if you are applying for a creative position.
  • Provide contact information of two references.
  • Email everything above to mgotsis [at ]

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