Adventures in Development Blogging

Richard and I have been keeping a development blog for our project, now redubbed a•part•ment to avoid confusion with Simon Wiscombe’s thesis project. You can find it, our latest builds, and various other info on the game here:

Part of our motivation for creating this blog was to help keep all of the members of our team up to date. Our 10 (or so) person team is primarily out of state and across the country. Most of them are students who can only donate only a few hours a week to the project. The blog has been beneficial in making sure that all of them know what the build for the week is and allows them access to it. It lets our writers see the progress our artists have made, etc etc. It also creates a great archive for all of our builds so we can monitor our own progress over the course of the semester.

The latest build of our project can be found here.

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