Spacewalk - Screenshot 2

Spacewalk — An Oculus Rift-enabled space exploration game

I just finished some changes to Spacewalk, a networked multiplayer game where you play as astronauts piloting EMUs to explore the exterior of the International Space Station. I developed the game over the course of five days as a prototype for thesis prep (CTIN-542/548). It now supports the Oculus Rift, which alters the experience dramatically. Here is an unedited video of the game in action.

Spacewalk is a networked interactive experience about taking a space walk outside of the International Space Station. Players collectively take on the role of astronauts navigating and exploring the structure of the space station. Spacewalk is an interactive experiment in alternative control schemes, free-form play, virtual embodiment, and metagame communication. Although it connects to other players across the internet, it is intended to be played with people in the same physical space.

You can download Spacewalk for free here:

Spacewalk - Screenshot 1Spacewalk - Screenshot 3Spacewalk - Screenshot 2

Spacewalk was recently featured on NBC News, the Penny Arcade Report, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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