University of Southern California

CTIN-404: Usability Testing for Games

Concepts and methods of usability assessment. The emphasis will be on understanding the issues surrounding game interfaces, and utilizing usability assessment methods.

Course tag: 404

CTIN-405: Design and Technology for Mobile Experiences

Critical and pragmatic insights into designing mobile experiences and technology. Design groups will develop a mobile project using principles from readings and class discussions.

Course tag: 405

CTIN-406: Sound Design for Games

Introduction to the techniques, terminology, and implementation of sounds in games, including establishing a sense of place and concepts of realistic sound.

Course tag: 406

CTIN-456: Game Design for Business

Designed to provide the business professional with effective communication skills in working with the designers of games and game related venues.

Course tag: 456

CTIN-458: Business and Management of Games

Overview of current business models in games and interactive media, methods for pitching and getting products funded; copyright an intellectual property.

Course tag: 458

CTIN-462: Critical Theory and Analysis of Games

Formal, aesthetic, and cultural aspects of digital games, critical discourse around ameplay, and the relationship of digital games to other media. Recommended preparation: CTIN 488

Course tag: 462

CTIN-483: Programming for Interactivity

Introduction to creative and technical aspects of new interactive media technology; computer games; digital video and sound; interactive Flash animations. Students design and produce projects.

Course tag: 483

CTIN-484: Intermediate Game Development

Advanced topics in game programming and implementation such as using game engines, creating digital prototypes, player controls and level design. Prerequisite: (CTIN-483 and CTIN-488)

Course tag: 484

CTIN-485: Advanced Game Development

Advanced concepts in 3-D game development: story and character progression, emergent game-play, comprehensive game mechanics, and artificial intelligence. Prerequisite: (CTIN-483 and CTIN-484 and CTIN-488 and CTIN-489)

Course tag: 485

CTIN-488: Game Design Workshop

Theory and evaluation of interactive game experiences and principles of game design utilizing the leading software approaches and related technologies. Recommended preparation: CTIN 309, CTIN 483

Course tag: 488