University of Southern California

CTIN-501: Interactive Cinema

Provide students with a vocabulary of conceptual and artistic means to create computer based interactive works.

Course tag: 501

CTIN-502: Experiments in Stereoscopic Imaging

An in-depth exploration of aesthetics and techniques involved in the conceptualization, design and creation of stereoscopic imaging.

Course tag: 502

CTIN-511: Interactive Media Seminar

Seminars on latest trends in interactive media content, technology, tools, business and culture. Graded CR/NC.

Course tag: 511

CTIN-532: Interactive Experience and World Design

The development of interactive experiences with an emphasis on writing and development.

Course tag: 532

CTIN-534: Experiments in Interactivity

This class is an experimental studio course exploring concepts of structure, aesthetics and content of interactive experience design.

Course tag: 534

CTIN-542: Interactive Design and Production

Interactive design, production, prototyping and testing of projects developed in CTIN 532. Open to Interactive Media MFA students only. Prerequisite: CTIN-532

Course tag: 542

CTIN-544: Experiments in Interactivity II

Experimental studio course in application of technology to interactive experience. Open to Interactive Media MFA students only. Prerequisite: CTIN-534

Course tag: 544

CTIN-548: Preparing the Interactive Project

An advanced production workshop in which students design and prepare for the production of their advanced project. Open to Interactive Media MFA students only. Prerequisite: CTIN-532

Course tag: 548

CTIN-558: Business of Interactive Media

In-depth investigation of publication, distribution, business and legal aspects of the interactive entertainment business.

Course tag: 558

CTIN-590: Directed Research

Research project leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.

Course tag: 590