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Michelle Estrada (mestrada)

Level designer with a lot of production experience. Mission: to create levels that are as well-thought out, engaging, and developed as the world they're a part of. Environmental storytelling is a must. When not obsessed with modding or beating video games, she can be found training for marathons, playing volleyball, hiking, or reading on the beach.

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  • ThumbnailFemale characters in video games can often be described as slight variations of one of three archetypes: the helpless, hapless damsel in distress; the coquettish, alluring vixen; and the cold-hearted, distant embodiment of stoicism. In addition, the majority of women in games are heavily and overtly sexualized for mass male consumption, thereby providing slight variations of [...]

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    Oops! Thanks for the heads up, I can’t believe I forgot to do that. FIxed!

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    ThumbnailBelow is a paper I wrote for my advanced writing class. I disagree with some of the points I’ve made in it, but for the purposes of the paper I argued them. It was interesting and educational, having to state ideas I did not quite agree with. Facebook games can currently be summed up with the [...]

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    Even though I turn this in today, I’m still very much in the process of proofing and tightening it up further. Any feedback would be great! Video games may be the best medium for exploring the depths of human creativity and kinetic interaction with other worlds. Cities are possible in the sky, creatures can be [...]

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    Below is an academic one page write-up I completed mere seconds ago for an indie game entitled Blueberry Garden. With a charming and eccentric aesthetic and catchy music, this game is definitely an experiment where the main focus is the player’s attention span. Blueberry Garden is a Steam game that retails for 5 dollars and [...]
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    Below is my final submission for CTIN 401L: Interface Design for Games. It was a truly useful class and I highly recommend it to everyone. Simplicity plays a pivotal role in video games. In an age where controls are not only complex but convoluted as well, and where there are a myriad of options to [...]