[p-intro]In parallel with the IMD curriculum (and closely integrated with it), the Interactive Media Division has an extensive program of research to design and develop innovative content for Interactive Media and to invent new genres of interactive experience. [/p-intro]

[p-intro]Within the Division, there are currently three major research groups that focus on Mobile and Environmental Media, Game Design Innovation, and Immersive Media respectively. And even though each group is based in a state of the art research lab, many projects emerge from the intersection of these areas. The Division is also developing additional projects in the areas of Networked Environments and Social Software, Interactive Cinema, and Public Interactives.[/p-intro]

[p-intro]The Division currently has substantial equipment support grants from HP, Intel and other industry giants; has successfully completed sponsored research contracts and collaborations with industry and Government; and manages over $8 million in funds gifted by major Game publisher Electronic Arts.  With its strong foundation in a premier cinema school, the Interactive Media Division works collaboratively with a number of leading-edge research bodies within USC. These include the Annenberg Center for Communications, the Viterbi School of Engineering, the Institute for Creative Technologies, and the Entertainment Technology Center. [/p-intro]

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