University of Southern California

Of Gods & Golems

What if stop-motion people could feel?

Gone Gitmo

GONE GITMO, a project by Peggy Weil and Nonny de la Peña, is an installation of Guantánamo Prison in the virtual environment of Second Life.

Lambent Reactive

The LightSpace interactive floor is 8′ by 8′ floor covered in pressure-sensitive LED tiles. These tiles can be programmed to…
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Path of the Mad Prophet

Produced exclusively for ISEA, the Mad Prophet, includes an embedded mobile multimedia device which triggers the doll to play location-based…
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Our method began with research on several topics: Bi-Lateral Negotations, Iraqi culture, identifying common areas of misunderstanding between western and…
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Fast Action HMD

The INIT lab is nearing completion of an extremely wide field of view stereoscopic display that is robust and lightweight…
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Surgical Simulator

However, users of current simulators might experience cognitive overload and be increasingly overwhelmed by data streams from multiple modalities such…
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Interactive Panoramic Cinema

Recent research in immersive cinema focused on two courses: CTIN 532: Interactive Experience Design, taught by Mark Bolas and Michael…
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Hypermedia Reveries

Hypermedia Reveries is presented in a small, artificial, immersive space. The dimly lit area is created by a piece of…
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When a projected object is dumped onto one of these wormholes, it disappears and re-emerges out of the wormhole at…
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