University of Southern California

PUCK: Place-based, Ubiquitous, Connected and Kinetic Experiences for Interactive Architecture

PUCK investigates changing spatial character and the resulting experience of place in the context of Interactive Architecture. As buildings become dynamic generators of data and information, they have the opportunity to use their embedded technological systems to play a more collaborative role in an inhabitants’ experience of space and place.

Ambient Storytelling for Vehicle-Driver Interaction

This research initiative explores methods for augmenting and deepening the relationship between a vehicle and its driver(s) over the course of its lifecycle.

Million Story Building

An experimental design project exploring how location-specific mobile technology can add playful, imaginative and practical new layers to the relationship between a structure and its inhabitants.


The objects of our everyday lives contain stories about the materials they are made from, who designed them, and what they might have been before they assumed their current form.


The CityStory project was an experiment in crowdsourced cinema that invited participants in Japan and the United States to gather video of their home cities in response to SMS messages sent to their phones via Twitter.

Big Game

The course was taught by Bernie DeKoven and Tracy Fullerton, who mandated that the students, for their final project, create…
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Tracking Agama

Tracking Agama is a game played with your cell phone that takes place in and around Downtown Los Angeles. Explore…
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