IM Forum for 4/15/15: Experiments, Prototypes, Previews

Speakers: IMGD 2nd Year MFA Students
Time: Wednesday, April 15, 4-5:50pm
Location: USC’s School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media Building (SCI), Room 206

Please join us for a special event this Wednesday April 15 at 4:00-6:00PM in SCI 206 when the second year MFA students will be presenting their experiments, prototypes and previews of next year’s IMGD Thesis projects. This will be a dynamic, hands-on opportunity to experience and critique a variety of interactive experiences at a crucial moment in their development. Don’t miss this preview of things to come.

Interactive Media Forum for 8/27/14: IMGD/MAP/SCA Research


Speakers: Profs. Bolas, Fullerton, Gotsis,  Hoberman, McPherson, Stein, Fisher, et al
Time:          Wednesday, August 27 , 4-6pm
Location:   USC’s School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media Building
(SCI), Room 206
Title:           Research in SCA, MAP, and the Interactive Media & Games Divisions

The program for this 511 session will showcase a wide variety of research projects in development by the Interactive Media Division and their various collaborations. It will include brief presentations by SCA faculty and Staff members in the context of their research demonstrations; the objective is to introduce IMGD and MAP faculty, their research interests, and potential opportunities for student participation.

Peter Marx

IMD Forum for 3/6/13: Peter Marx


Speaker:      Peter Marx
Time:            Wednesday, March 6, 6-8pm
Location:    USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122

Peter Marx is Vice President of Business Development and Digital Studio at Qualcomm Labs, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. In this role Marx handles the commercialization of augmented reality and other emerging technologies on behalf of Qualcomm’s Corporate Research and Development Group.  Before joining Qualcomm Labs, Marx was vice president of the technology and digital studio at Mattel, Inc., where he helped deliver branded digital and online experiences to hundreds of millions of consumers. During his tenure, the Mattel websites were the recipient of a Webby award, the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

Previously, Marx managed Analog Protocol, a small consultancy specializing in leading-edge technologies for media and entertainment, whose clients included Fox, Viacom, Paramount Pictures, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon and Qualcomm. One MTV initiative in virtual worlds won an Emmy® for innovation.  Marx also served as the chief technology officer for Vivendi-Universal Games and vice president of emerging technologies for Universal Studios from 2000 to 2005. A variety of projects under his direction won awards, including one for best videogame of E3.   Prior to Universal Studios, Marx held engineering and producer positions at Electronic Arts working across a variety of franchises, including Madden Football, Knockout Kings and others, as well as across various media, including online.  Before entering the entertainment industry, he was an engineer on a variety of telemedicine, digital video, radiological imaging and biomedicine applications for UCLA, Apple Computer and 3M Company.  Marx graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.  Also, he serves as an adjunct professor for the Peter Stark Producing Program at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Sean Bonner by Joi

IMD Forum for 2/13/13: Sean Bonner


Speaker:      Sean Bonner
Time:            Wednesday, February 13, 6-8pm
Location:    USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122

Sean has co-founded hackerspaces and blog networks, an art gallery, design firm and a record label. He’s one of the co-founders of Safecast, and currently acts as Global Director.

Safecast is a global project working to empower people with data, primarily by mapping radiation levels and building a sensor network, enabling people to both contribute and freely use the data collected. After the 3/11 earthquake and resulting nuclear situation at Fukushima Diachi it became clear that people wanted more data than what was available. Through joint efforts with partners such as International Medcom, Keio University, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and GlobalGiving, Safecast has been building a radiation sensor network comprised of static and mobile sensors actively being deployed around Japan – both near the exclusion zone and elsewhere in the country.


IMD Forum for 2/6/13: Ben Cerveny


Speaker:      Ben Cerveny
Time:            Wednesday, February 6, 6-8pm
Location:    USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122

Ben has worked for over 20 years on user interaction and experience design, concept prototyping, and strategy in the context of media applications, operating systems, web services, ubiquitous computing, and massively multiplayer games. Most recently, he was founder and president of Bloom Studios, makers of visual instruments for data expression and exploration. He has also served as an advisor and strategist at Stamen Design, a leading visualization design studio. Previously, he was the founder of the Experience Design Lab at frogdesign, an international product design company, and a lead game designer and platform development strategist at Ludicorp, makers of Flickr.  He is also the founder of the Amsterdam-based research foundation VURB, which investigates digital urbanism, and is constantly engaged in the investigation of innovative ways to improve the flow and play of a user’s relationship with task or information.

New CHI paper from MEML

McVeigh-Schultz, J., J. Stein, J. Boyle, E. Duff, J. Watson, A. Syam, A. Tasse, S. Wiscombe, S. Fisher. “Vehicular Lifelogging: New Contexts and Methodologies for Human-Car Interaction.” Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Austin, May 2012.


meml mini

MEML @ CHI 2012

This week at CHI 2012, in Austin, TX:   iMAP PhD candidate, Josh McVeigh-Schultz, presented a paper  on “Vehicular Lifelogging: New Contexts and Methodologies for Human-Car Interaction” that describes a research project by USC’s Mobile and Environmental Media Lab . The paper presents a novel design for automotive lifelogging that engages drivers in ongoing discoveries about their vehicle through an approach that uses innovative storytelling and theatrical strategies focusing on character and larger social context surrounding driving.  Co-authors and MEML lab researchers are Jennifer Stein, Jacob Boyle, Emily Duff, Jeff Watson, Avimaan Syam, Amanda Tasse, Simon Wiscombe, and lab Director Scott Fisher.

audience by Justin

IMD Forum for 11/30/11: IMD Project Presentations

Speakers:      IMD Project Presentations
Time:              Wednesday, November 30, 6-8pm
Location:       USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122

Featuring Class Projects from :

  • CTIN 400: Fundamentals of Procedural Media ( Brinson)
  • CTIN 401L: Interface Design for Games (Hicks)
  • CTIN 404L: Usability Testing for Games (Desuvire)
  • CTIN 483: Introduction to Game Development (Gibson)
  • CTIN 484L: Intermediate Game Development (Brinson)
  • CTIN 488: Game Design Workshop (Gibson/Diamante)
  • CTIN 489: Intermediate Game Design Workshop (Kuzma)
  • CTIN 491aL: Advanced Game Project (Malamed)
  • CTIN 502a: Experiments in Stereoscopic Imaging (Hoberman)
  • CTIN 532: Interactive Experience and World Design (Weil)
  • CTIN 534L: Experiments in Interactivity I (Kratky)
  • CTIN 541: Design for Interactive Media (Fullerton)
  • Student research Projects (Gotsis)

and more….

Food and Drink will be provided!

Schedule after the jump.

IMD Forum for 9/21/11: Lucy Hood

Speaker:     Lucy Hood – Executive Director, USC Institute for Communication Technology Management
Time:           Wednesday, September 21, 6-8pm
Location:    USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122

Lucy Hood is a highly respected industry expert on corporate strategy and business innovation in telecommunications and digital entertainment. Prior to joining USC’s Marshall School of Business, Hood was formerly President of Fox Mobile Entertainment and CEO of Jamba, one of the industry’s largest mobile entertainment companies.

Lucy Hood is widely known as an architect of corporate digital strategy, building News Corporation’s mobile business to hundreds of millions through partnerships with companies such as Nokia, Vodafone, ATT, Qualcomm, and Verisign.


BenHooker by Bleecker 2005

IMD Forum for 9/14/11: Ben Hooker


Speaker:     Ben Hooker
Time:           Wednesday, September 14, 6-8pm
Location:    USC’s R
obert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (RZC), Room 122

Ben Hooker is a multimedia artist and designer whose work explores new experiences and aesthetic situations which arise from the intermingling of the phenomenal and intangible worlds of physical materiality and electronic data. His background is interaction design; he graduated from the Royal College of Art’s Computer Related Design program in 1997. He divides his time between creative practice, consultancy and teaching.  Currently he is Associate Professor in the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.