Quicksilver Developer’s Blog

Hi all,

I’ve started a dev blog for my thesis project, Quicksilver: Infinite Story, in hopes of explaining what it’s about and sharing some things that might be useful.  So far I’ve written one post explaining what Quicksilver is, and another about computational storytelling.  I’d appreciate any feedback about the direction or style of the dev blog – what would you like to see out of it?  For the time being, I’m planning on updating every other Tuesday.

Quicksilver: Infinite Story is an action RPG inspired by animated adventure television shows, fusing the genre’s tropes and conventions into an unprecedented story generation engine to create unique new adventures every time you play.  This past year, some classmates and I developed a prototype as part of the Advanced Game Project collaborations between the IMD and USC’s Gamepipe lab.  For my thesis, I’m trying to reinvent the gameplay to mesh with the story generation system and take advantage of all the opportunities afforded by procedural narrative.   Below, I’ve cross-posted the latest blog entry, about how to get a computer to write a story.