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"flOw" Descriptioin

Originated as a practice and testbed for Embedded Difficulty Adjustment theory formulated in Jenova Chen's game design thesis, flOw is a web based game designed to attract a wider audience, allowing players with different tastes to enjoy the experience in their own way. The game features an abstract aquatic world inviting player to dive in, to learn, to explore, to survive...

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"flOw" Credits

Jenova Chen

  • Producing
  • Game Design
  • Engineering
  • Visual Art

One of the first generation video game design graduates from USC School of Cinematic Arts, creator behind multi-award winning student game Cloud and flOw, co-founder of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen is dedicated to expanding the emotional spectrum of video games and making them available for a much wider audience.

Jenova's Bio

Nicholas Clark

  • Game Design
  • Engineering

Nick Clark is an aspiring game programmer and designer earning his Bacherlor's degree in Computer Science at USC. This summer he will be programming for an indie game team and is looking for an engineering internship in the industry.

Nick's Bio

Austin Wintory

  • Sound Design
  • Music Composing

Austin Wintory is an experienced composer for film, games and concert halls alike. All around his credits include some 50 projects ranging from short and feature films, television programs, computer games, video/concept art, commercials, trailers and corporate videos.

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