• Q: Is this free?
    A: Yes. We hope you enjoy it! There is no obligation, but since we are all aspiring game developers, we would appreciate any feedback you would offer. Send it to info@thatcloudgame.com.
  • Q: Is Cloud a finished product?
    A: Cloud is considered completed as a university project. But we are actively looking for opportunities that may bring future incarnation.
  • Q: How do I uninstall Cloud?
    A: You can simply delete the Cloud folder from your install directory and the short cuts. We don't set any registry keys.
  • Q: Is there an invert mouse option for the free fly mode?
    A: You will be able to set it up in the Bios.txt file in the \bin directory.
  • Q: How do I change the screen resolution?
    A: You can edit it in the Bios.txt file under your \bin folder, we support screens with different aspect ratios.
  • Q: Ack! It won't run on my system! I see a black screen/crashes horribly/etc...
    A: If you have time, please send us information about your computer - (Windows Version, CPU, Memory, Video Card) and a description of the problem. We will do our best to address it, but unfortunately we can't make any guarantees. Also, check back for updates, which will include bug fixes, as well as new features/levels.
  • Q: Will there be a Linux version or Mac version?
    A: For Linux user, I heard Wine can simulate the windows environment, so you should be able to play in that. Although we hoped to make Mac version, no one is available to make them, so sorry...
  • Q: I can get to the menu, but once it loads up a map, it just shows a blank light-blue or black screen and nothing more...
    A: Try to download the latest video card driver, it should make it work for most cases.
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