Cloud News


  • "Top Ten Games You've Never Heard Of"
    Game Informer Magazine, Issue 156
  • Cloud and flOw were presented at the 5th Experimental Gameplay Workshop during the 2006 Game Developers Conference


  • Cloud was featured in Shanghai newspaper The Bund
  • Cloud server was moved to the new school server
  • Cloud student server got huge overload tickets
  • Cloud was chosen as a 2006 Slamdance Finalist
  • Cloud was in SpikeTV: Game Head
  • Cloud was featured in G4tv: Attack of the Show Free play friday
  • Cloud music OST album was released!
  • Cloud V1.41 was released!
  • Cloud recieved generous help from Electronic Arts, major game download was moved to EA's ftp server
  • Cloud was covered by CBS: Sunday Morning
  • Cloud V1.4 was released!
  • Cloud main game download was moved back to the upgraded student server


  • Cloud insertcredit server was overloaded
  • Cloud main game download was moved to insertcredit
  • Cloud School server was overloaded
  • Cloud was covered by Sydney Morning Herald
  • Cloud got rated the "Internet Download Game of the Month" by Edge Magazine issue 157 in UK
  • Cloud website version 2.0 was released
  • Cloud main game download was moved to School server
  • Cloud server got overloaded, site went down
  • Cloud V1.1 was released!
  • Cloud website version 1.0 was released
  • Cloud server bandwidth got upgraded
  • Cloud server got overloaded, site went down
  • Cloud V1.0 was released!

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