Forming Concept

When you have a strong desire of sharing an experience to the others, you have already started your design concept.

Though you may feel it in a different way, in Cloud, we tried really hard to communicate and protect this experience. It is the feeling of youthfulness, of your memory and the feeling of imagination which we all enjoyed in our life.

Where did the inspiration come from? A lot. The beatiful sky with clouds and white moon, every dreams about flying including Miyazaki's films, true love, joyfulness and goodness from Katamari Damacy, childhood memories, ocean, mountains, etc...

I always wish to make a video game that makes you feel more productive and enjoy your life better. Most video game today is about addiction. But for Cloud, it is designed to be something you can put down and go back to enjoy your life at any time. No failure, no saving. You pick it up and leave it with no second thoughts...

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Latest Build 03/14/2006

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