Core Team

Will Carter, Principal Programmer/Designer, USC IMD
Paul Debevec, Associate Director, Graphics Research, USC ICT, and Research Associate Professor, USC Computer Science
Perry Hoberman, Research Associate Professor, USC IMD
Andrew Jones, Research Programmer, USC ICT
Bruce Lamond, Programmer Analyst, USC ICT
Erik Loyer, Design Consultant, USC IMD
Giuseppe Mattiolo, Visiting Research Assistant, USC ICT
Michael Naimark, Research Associate Professor, USC IMD, and Viewfinder Project Director

Additional Collaborators

Marientina Gotsis, Lab Manager, USC IMD
Andrew Sacher, Sacher Interactive
Holly Willis, Associate Director, USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy

Photo Credits

In order of their appearance in the video:

Tourists at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Photo by jucyrai

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Photo by souver

July 2006_Flight Sydney-LAX-NY (16)
Photo by Michael Renner

The Flatiron Building
Photo by Martin Haesemeyer

Suffrage Parade from the Bain Collection, 1913
Bain/Library of Congress via pingnews

View from the Westertoren
Photo by Ben Visbeek

Obligatory Tourist Photo
Photo by Sean Lazar

Eiffel Tower, looking toward Trocadéro Palace, Paris Exposition, 1889
Library of Congress via pingnews

Camp Democracy / 1
Photo by Kristen

Protest at the White House
Photo by Brett Buchanan

Graduation at the Pyramids of Giza
Photo by Studio Hanny, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Courtesy of Nahil Sharkasi

NYC - South Street Seaport - Peck Slip - Trompe l'oeil
Photo by Wally Gobetz

Peck Slip, New York City (before mural)
Photo by Richard Haas

Trompe l'oeil
Photo by Vidiot

LA County Museum of Art sequence
Photos by Michael Naimark

Pointing at Park LaBrea
Photo by Michael Naimark

Frame from Miracle Mile (1988)

San Francisco Ferry Building sequence
Photos from Google Street View

Frame from North by Northwest (1959)

Album cover from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002) by Wilco

Frame from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Dealey Plaza from Reunion Tower
Photo by Theresa Arzadon-Labajo

JFK Assassination in Second Life
Image by Tim Kelly

Parking lot sequence
Photos by Will Carter